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Confidentiality and what to expect in therapy

I always focus on what the client want to achieve from the counseling session and work on from there, be it issues on relationships, work, spousal etc. I believed everyone of us had that strength in us and with counseling will be able to discover a stronger self and able to make better life choices and take charge and responsibility it our current life choices, decision and direction.


You can expect a two way therapeutic relationship with me, a safe environment to share and explore, emphatic, non-judgemental and supportive therapist who will work together with you in your journey in life exploration, handling life challenges, issues etc.



What is shared in session is confidential and protecting your privacy is an ethical obligation i take seriously except under limited, special situation such as court cases etc. To improve the quality of counselling I may share non-identifying information with a professional colleague who acts as my clinical supervisor. All shared information is kept confidential between myself and this person.