Great year of learning

leaning curve

2018 had been a great year of personal learning as a counselor. There is always so much to learn being a counselor, the more you know you realise there is so much more that you don’t know or in a positive way there is so much room for growth and learning.


Had joined this wonderful volunteer project on expressive sandtray by HumanKind that does wonderful job with marginalised children and am privileged to join them for their volunteer project with Fugee School which provide education to refugees children. Met wonderful group of volunteers and learn so much in term on non verbal sandtray,  learned to hold the space and trust the process and had faith the child are able to heal themself. The project had been designed to be used for layperson in time of disaster where therapist is scarce.  A very challenging things indeed as had been so used to talking therapy and non verbal is something so alien to me, however upon completion of the project was amazed by the growth shown by some of the kids involve. Guess this taught me a lot in term of trusting the process, trusting the journey – going to the basic in counselling.


Going from here decided to pick up hypnotherapy as additional modalities and was exposed to another wonderful modalities.


Picking up from the wonder of sandtray, decided to do a certification course in sandtray (in progress) and was amazed at some of the role play and learning on how sandtray can be used and this round – verbal and exploration. Another great day of learning. Currently am busy picking up toys etc to start up my own little nook of sandtray.


Great year, awesome learning  😊







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